At Woofy,
we know your dog is your best friend.

That’s why we created our patented, all-inclusive, canine wellness system that provides ultra-convenience for you and the utmost enjoyment for your pooch. Our Woofy Bus® provides the transportation for your dog to and from our Woofy Wellness Ranch® for a fun day of camp. Your pets will have access to our innovative, behavior based daycamp, Training, Grooming, Veterinary, Spa, and Boarding Services. Most of all your pup gets a day of the highest quality care with our expert staff. And, as a result, you get the ultimate gift of peace of mind and time. Plus, no more Saturdays at the vet or groomer!

Special Announcement: The Shaggy Paws Bus Stop will have it’s grand opening on Monday, November 19th.

The Woofybus will be arriving to 6215 Chesapeake Circle at about 7:15 AM that morning & stay until about 7:45 AM! We will return for drop-off from 5:15 until about 5:45 (or until the last dog is picked up).

During that morning, our behaviorist Bill Howard will be riding with our bus driver and performing on-site behavior assessments. We will have our terms and conditions and registration packets on-site for parents to fill out. We do typically require an orientation and behavior assessment at our facility, so this is an opportunity to have that portion of the orientation administered on-site at the bus stop. If unable to attend on Monday, all future interested customers will need to schedule an orientation at the facility. Please note, you MUST bring your vaccinations records in order to have your pup attend daycamp for that day. The three required vaccinations are bordatella, distemper, & rabies! You can either arrange to have your vet email us the records, or bring a hard copy for us to take and make a copy of at The Wellness Ranch. We look forward to seeing you all this Monday!

Dog daycare


If your pup’s tail is not wagging when we drop him or her off, the day at the Ranch is on us!