Behavior Based Daycare

Our daycamp offers closely managed play groups that provide an all day, educational experience that teaches your pooch how to properly socialize with other dogs and people, in a relaxed environment. We do not utilize crates or kennels in our daycamp program so your furry pal will have a full day of healthy fun in the sun.



  • Daily Rate: $34.95
  • 1 Day a Week Pass: $137 per month
  • 2 Day a Week Pass: $260 per month
  • 3 Day a Week Pass: $380 per month
  • Monthly Unlimited: $635 per month
  • For even more convenience and flexibility purchase a 15 visit pack: $490
 (Multi dog, Extended service, Pickup/Drop-off  discounts are available on request)



Veterinary Services

While at the Woofy Wellness Ranch®, your dog will have access to the highest quality veterinary services.  Simply schedule the necessary services or let us manage them for you and your pooch will receive whatever he needs while you are at work.

  • Wellness check ups
  • Vaccinations
  • Medications

Fees TBD based on requested services.

Grooming Services

The Woofy Wellness Ranch® also offers the best in grooming services. Again, schedule the necessary services (or have us manage your grooming needs) and we will ensure your furry pal receives whatever he or she needs.

*Please note that prices are a base estimate and may vary depending on the size of the dog, coat type, and specific haircut desired. We are unable to give an exact quote until we actually see your pet.

Service Price
Full Service Groom:

  • Warm Bath with Shampoo
  • Blow Dry
  • Nail trim / Grind
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Brush and Comb
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Coiffing Trim (pads, beard, eyes, bangs)
Breed and Coat dependent

Call for pricing

A la Carte:
Nail Grind $12.00
Bath and Blow Dry $22.00 (extra large $ 26)
Nail Polish $12.00
Flea and Tick Shampoo $10.00
Teeth Brushing $10.00
Bows and Bandannas $10.00

Spa Services

Hard day of play? We also offer pooch spa services. Does your pup need a massage? pedicure? aromatherapy? Just request your desired service and let us take care of the rest.

  • Coming Soon

Boarding Services

Going on a vacation? We offer several boarding options to meet your furry pal’s needs. Call today with your desired days and we can discuss which option is best for you.

We are proud to introduce our innovative In-Home Boarding service! Your dog(s) will come play each day at our Woofy Wellness Ranch and then join one of our staff members for a slumber party! This way, your furry pal can have a cozy overnight stay with one of our highly trained staff members in the comforts of an actual home. No cold kennels here!

In-Home Boarding

  • 1  Dog: $90
  • 2 Dogs: $85 each
  • 3+ Dogs: $80 each

*Holiday rates may apply

Are you feeling a little more traditional? Our Traditional Boarding program features full access to our innovative day camp for your pooch, each day from 6:30 AM – 8 PM with no extra charges for walks or play time!  They will then spend the night in one of our cozy kennels.  On weekends, your pup will spend time in our pastures from 6 AM – 10 AM and then again from 4 PM – 8 PM so they will have ample opportunity to stretch their legs and enjoy the outdoors.

Traditional Boarding

  • 1 Dog: $53
  • 2 Dogs: $48 each
  • 3+ Dogs: $43 each

*To kennel your dogs together a 30$ fee will be added per dog.

*Holiday rates may apply

Training Services

The Woofy Wellness Ranch® offers a wide variety of training services to help your dog “bone up” on his/her behavior.

Our on-site behaviorist, Bill Howard, and our uniquely trained staff work with each dog that attends the Woofy Wellness Ranch®. We ensure each guest learns the proper way to socialize and play together which drives an all-day learning experience that will have lasting benefits at home or even when you are out and about. If you would like more focus on specific issues you might be having at home, we also offer in-home visits.

Fees TBD based on agreed upon service and time requirements.